Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher - The Holistic Therapy Centre

I am so excited to run this group event with Olwen Jennings. Olwen is an Intuitive Coach and Reiki Master Healer with a deep love of essential oils.

Together we will soulfully create a sacred space and bring our love of the oils, alchemy and intuition to you.

Quite often we turn to textbooks to find out how an essential oil can help us.
However, you also have within you the ability to choose the oil or oils that are right for you by using your intuition. This is, in fact, how oils were chosen thousands of years ago. So let’s take you on a journey working with the oil Blue Tansy 

During the live zoom session we will :-

Discuss what alchemy of the oils is;

Guide you on a journey to find out what your predominant intuitive sense is;

Take you along a pathway to meet the essence of the oil and discover what it can do for you;

Discuss your insights and give you the textbook physical and emotional information on the oil so that you can compare what you sensed and what the information says (there’s no wrong answer)

This is going to benefit you if you have an interest in essential oils and how you can work with them intuitively. We believe you are unique and which oil suits your needs is based on how you respond to it through your intuitive senses.

Following this event, there will be the opportunity to join a group whereby we can continue to support you as you intuitively explore this oil and it’s benefits

The cost is £25 and includes your 5ml roller bottle of Blue Tansy which will be posted to you before the event, a recording of the live call and a recording of the guided pathway meditation for your ongoing development.


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