Debbie Lawrence ITEC.MCD(arom) Reiki Master Teacher - The Holistic Therapy Centre
What is dōAROMA Reiki?

dōAROMA Reiki came about when I experienced how Reiki energy is literally powered up when It is combined with therapeutic grade essential oils during a treatment. 

It wasn't enough to just have them diffusing in the room or on my hands during the treatment. I found the oils needed to be applied to the body in specific ways to bring the best results. 

Added to this as my understanding of the emotional healing properties as well as the physically healing properties of essentials oils grew, I developed a simple scanning technique to intuitively find out which oil was needed for the client during the treatment.  

Using my 15 years’ experience as a Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Therapist I started putting together a specific set of techniques that bring amazing results.

Since practising dōAROMA Reiki 99% of my Reiki clients have switched to this method when they come for their appointments. It has also brought in lots of new clients as people love to talk about their experiences with friends and family. 

People are always blown away by how powerful the oils are with the Reiki energy and how accurate the intuitive side of this treatment is. 

I will show you how you can tap into this high vibration and how you can easily scan the body and give intuitive readings with your dōAROMA Reiki treatments.

What will I learn at the workshop?

During the workshop you will learn 
·       Essential oil safety

·       Contraindications & medicinal Interactions 

·       dōAROMA Reiki Full Body Reset technique.

·       Chakra Balance Essential oil protocol.

·       The dōAROMA Chakra Balance Technique. 

·       The dōAROMA Body Scan & Reiki Release - How to scan  the body for stuck emotions, how to intuit what emotions you are working with. How to release the stuck emotions from the physical body, the aura, the past, a past life and the future. 

Using this information, you can give your client a full report of what you have been working on at the end of their treatment and can recommend the right essential oil for the client to use at home to support their healing.

·       Preparing & programming an oil. 

·       Attunement Meditation: Connect to your Aroma Guide 

·       Essential Oils 101 – 10 core oils that can be used as natures medicine cabinet. 

·       Emotional Aromatherapy – Using essential oils for emotional support. 

·       Self doAROMA Reiki Meditation – Experience the effects essential oils & universal healing energy. 

·       How to add an extra income stream to your practice.
Plenty of time will be spent on the practical side so you leave confident in giving a full dōAROMA Reiki Treatment.    

How much does it cost?

Your investment for this workshop is £150. 

Included in the price are your set of the different therapeutic grade essential oils needed for the foot technique and chakra balance, your manual, your link to recordings of the guided meditations covered in the workshop and your doAROMA Reiki Certificate.   

Everything you need to start is included in the price, so you can add this treatment to your practice as soon as you are qualified. 

Prerequisite for this workshop.

This workshop is open to anyone already attuned to any level and style of Reiki. The qualification you receive will depend on your current level.

If you are not currently trained in Reiki you can take a 2 day intensive Reiki I & 2 combined if you want to qualify as a doAROMA Reiki Practitioner. See the Reiki workshop page on this website.

Reiki I Students– You will receive a certificate of attendance enabling you to practice doAROMA Reiki with your family and friends. This will be automatically upgraded to a full doAROMA Reiki Practitioner free of charge on completion of your Reiki Level two qualification.  

Reiki II or above – You will receive a certificate qualifying you as a doAROMA Reiki Practitioner and be able to use this to gain the insurance necessary to practice.  

Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like to book your place.

Workshop Dates 2018
The Holistic Therapy Centre in Marlow

28th October 2018
25th November 2018

If you are not local to Buckinghamshire and have a few Reiki friends that would like to attend I can bring this workshop to you. 

You provide the venue and the students and you get your space for free!! Please call me to discuss your requirements. 
Debbie Lawrence 07859 865148

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